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How to modify a reservation

1. Please sign in to OpenTable with your email address and password.

*If you're not yet an OpenTable member, you can sign up to access your reservation details online, or you can use the links provided in the Reservation Confirmation Email we sent you.

2. Once you have logged in, click on "Hi, " in the upper right corner and "My Dining History" to open the list of reservations on your account.

3. You will then see the options to Modify or Cancel any of your upcoming reservations on the following page.

4. To change the Date, Time, Party Size, Occasion, or Special Request, Click on Modify.

5. On the new page, Click Modify again and find a table with the adjusted parameters and complete the reservation by selecting a time in the red boxes.

Please note we only accept bookings of 6 per table at the moment, to book more please call us.

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